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AI Engineer


As an AI engineer, the problem can’t be difficult enough for you. You understand how to integrate existing solutions as well as to implement a completely own solution. You train and improve models yourself and work closely with our data scientists.

Data Scientist


As a data scientist, you are happy the larger the amount of data. You understand how to analyze data, train and evaluate models. This will lay the foundation for our AI applications.

(Senior) Software Engineer


As a software engineer, you develop the backend systems for our AI applications. Already during the conception you make sure that the code architecture between the frontend and the AI component works together smoothly and then implement it.

(Senior) Frontend Engineer


As a frontend engineer, you design and develop the surfaces for our AI applications. You understand the customer’s problems and make sure that the controls are modern, intuitive and appealing when they are designed.

(Senior) Project Manager


As a project manager, you ensure that our customers are successful and satisfied with the results of our work. You communicate their wishes, expectations and changes with the team and work actively on finding a solution.

Working Student


As a working student, you will implement AI applications under the guidance of our experts. In addition, you are involved in our software tests.

Initiative Application


Nothing suitable? In addition to the advertised positions, we are always looking for new talents with exciting backgrounds. Please send us your application by email to

JUST ADD AI reserves the right to ignore obvious mass applications, applications without a cover letter, as well as applications without specific job and company references. Applications are processed in the order received. Please note that due to the high number of applicants, there is currently a delay of several weeks in the processing. We therefore ask for early application. Applications via recruitment agencies / headhunters are not accepted. Through employment agencies / headhunters Applications sent will not be paid / provisioned.

Perks & Benefits

Soccer Lab

Soccer lab with AI evaluation on our rooftop.

Office Hours

No time clock. We give and expect flexibility.

Good Coffee

High quality beans and organic milk.


We support you with e-learning courses.

Office Shower

Thanks to our shower, biking to work is no problem.

Fresh Organic Fruits

We offer fresh organic fruits every week.

Rooftop-Lounge & BBQ

Work in our rooftop-lounge or have BBQ lunch.


Water, apple juice, smoothies, mate and many more.

Company Bikes

Head to work in good health.


We jog, surf and kick together.

AI Events

We attend and organize AI events.

Top Hardware

Powerful hardware and on premise GPU server.

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