People at JAAI Group



Roland Becker

15+ years experience managing digital companies, DeepLearning / AI Engineer, RasaHero, initiator of BREMEN.AI, regular speaker at international conferences, 3x dad and surfer.


Julian Moeser

Marketing expert with a proven track record of building and executing successful brand and marketing strategies. Co-Initiator of BREMEN.AI, experienced and awarded UI and UX Designer. In love with music production and whisky.


Marco Spinning

15+ years of successful business software development with up to 2 million users and leading development teams. Received the Innovation-IT Award and is the architect of spin-offs like botario and SCOUTASTIC. Loves front end development and kitesurfing.


M.Sc. // AI Engineer

Jianyu Guan

Winner of Bremen’s 2019 Big Data Challenge. Computer Vision specialist, wrote his Masters thesis on recognizing people on railway tracks and estimating their distances, build a robot-safety system based on camera vision and has a Masters in Microelectronics.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer

Bernd Poppinga

Winner of Bremen’s 2018 and 2019 Big Data Challenge, RoboCup World Champion 2017 and vice champion 2018, developed a ball-classifier with deep learning. Has worked at the DFKI and loves to solve riddles and play strategy games.

M.Sc. // Senior Software Engineer

Kai Harmening

Experienced Full-Stack Java Engineer with a Master in Intelligent Systems, focussing on cognitive robotics and machine learning. Has been on six continents and was guest speaker on his own graduate celebration.

Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Isabel Hübener

Astrophysicist and Machine Learning (ML) expert. Speaker at several international conferences. Has written multiple papers on context recognition and developed a new ML algorithm for feature-selection. Loves dancing and cooking.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer

Enno Röhrig

Winner of Bremen’s 2018 and 2019 Big Data Challenge, two-times RoboCup World Champion, coded the first autonomous cooking robot and worked at the DFKI on ML for space robots. Always tries to solve impossible problems. Enjoys traveling and Bremen.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer

Hendrik Buhl

Graduated Computer Scientist with a focus on machine learning and genetic algorithms. Coached youth football teams for lots of years and is owner of the UEFA A Level trainer license. Likes playing parlor games and visiting any kind of sports event.

M.Sc. // AI Solution Architect

Aljoscha Niazi-Shahabi

AI-Enthusiast with a mixed background in strategic IT-Management and data science. Focused on natural language understanding and anomaly detection in high dimensional time series. In love with music composition, card magic, whisky and strength sports.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer

Jonas Kuball

Three times RoboCup World Champion, two times cat dad, coffee addict. Wrote his masters thesis about deep reinforcement learning in a dynamical goal-based environment. In love with music consumption, Disneys Lustiges Taschenbuch and using Vim.

M.Sc. // Full Stack Engineer

Simon Narendorf

Full-Stack Web-Developer with a Bachelor in Computer Science focussing on Combinatorial Optimization and Machine Learning. Likes travelling, whisky and rollercoasters.

M.Sc. // AI Solution Architect

Jonas Tiemerding

Winner of the Oldenburg Data Challenge 2019, wrote his master’s thesis on e-mail intent classification and has a focus on NLP. Interested in soccer, music-loving piano player, loves precision sports.

Business Development Manager

Christian Rümke

Sports management student and passionate youth soccer coach. Became the youngest German soccer coach to receive the elite youth license from the DFB in 2018. Likes dining and gin.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer

David Steding

NLP / NLU specialist, published a paper on EnsembleForest – a combination classifier for POS tagging back in 2017. Three times German Champion in Jumpstyle.

Business Development Manager

Kevin Ameskamp

Over 10 years of experience on the playground of professional soccer in the field of club management and development at Fortuna Düsseldorf. Holder of the Trainer A-Licence (UEFA A-Level) and speaker at various events.

Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Benjamin von Ardenne

Passionate physicist with a preference for data science, statistics and software development. Developed a method for structure determination of biomolecules at the MPI BPC, Göttingen and worked as a full stack developer at a Swiss Fintech. Believes in the transformative potential of machine learning. Loves his piano, good music, gaming, traveling and Julia.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer

Akhil Mehta

Graduated in Computational Science and Engineering with a focus on machine learning. Previously worked at Siemens and Bosch on applications of recommender systems and computer vision. Enjoys cooking, badminton, and travelling.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer

Andreas Baude

Highly interested in ML-based image processing and robotics. RoboCup world champion 2019 and vice champion 2018. Winner of Bremen’s 2020 Big Data Challenge. Wrote a bachelor thesis on “Tracking human foot positions by using camera data” in the context of physical activities on small fields. Is an enthusiastic Werder Bremen fan.

Senior AI Engineer

Danny Busch

25 years of experience in commercial software development. Hard to keep from coding since he was a kid. AI enthusiast who has liked neural networks since before they were cool. Blogs entry-level tutorials on AI. Plays cajon in an Irish folk band.

Junior AI Engineer

Lennart Heinbokel

Business Informatics Student and AI Enthusiast. Likes cooking, produces music with passion and likes sports. Winner of Bremen’s 2021 Big Data Challenge.

Working Student

Susanne Bös

Computer Science student, currently works towards her bachelor thesis. Likes to be creative when baking and when doing paper craft.

Working Student

Uzmasaman Chanderki

Pursuing Masters in Communication and Information Technology at the Universität Bremen. A CCNA certified IT/Networking Engineer. Has worked in the IT department of Fraunhofer and Data Science Centre of Universität Bremen. Fond of pop music and big-time foodie.


Marten Borchers

Computer Science student with a strong interest in Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Information and Process Management. Enjoys running in his spare time and is looking forward to the next half marathon.

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