Roland Becker

15+ years experience in managing digital companies, DeepLearning / AI Engineer, RasaHero, initiator of BREMEN.AI, regular speaker at international conferences, 3x dad and surfer.


Julian Keller

Marketing expert with a proven track record of building and executing successful brand and marketing strategies. Co-Initiator of BREMEN.AI, experienced and awarded UI and UX designer. In love with music production and whisky.


Marco Spinning

15+ years of successful business software development with up to 2 million users and leadership of development teams. Received the Innovation-IT Award and is the architect of spin-offs like botario and SCOUTASTIC. Loves front end development and kitesurfing.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Graduated in Computational Science and Engineering with a focus on machine learning. Previously worked at Siemens and Bosch on applications of recommender systems and computer vision. Enjoys cooking, badminton, and traveling.

M.Sc. // Managing Director botario


AI-Enthusiast with a mixed background in strategic IT-management and data science. Focused on natural language understanding and anomaly detection in high dimensional time series. In love with music composition, card magic, whisky and lifting weights.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Highly interested in ML-based image processing and robotics. RoboCup world champion 2019 and vice champion 2018. Winner of Bremen Big Data Challenge 2020. Wrote his bachelor thesis on “Tracking human foot positions by using camera data” in the context of physical activities on small fields. Is an enthusiastic Werder Bremen fan.

Working Student


Highly motivated and open-minded Computer Science Master student in Bremen. Started to work as software engineer while doing his A-Levels. High attention to detail and a great interest in good user interfaces. Writes his master thesis on AI based trajectory planning for robots. Is often found in the gym or on the track.

M. Sc. // Technical Project Manager


Studied Medical Engineering and Computer Science with focus on computer vision, pattern recognition and computer graphics. Worked on robot simulation and offline programming as well as runtime 3D asset delivery in the past. Loves sports, plays tennis and likes to listen to vinyls.

Ph.D. // Managing Director


Passionate (bio)-physicist interested in data-science/statistics, cloud infrastructure and the development of modern software platforms. Believes in the transformative power of ML and thus develops as the all-round solution for smart AI-based document processing. Proud father of a daughter who enjoys playing the piano, good music, gaming and traveling the world.

M.Sc. // Senior AI Engineer


Winner of Bremen Big Data Challenge 2018 and 2019, RoboCup World Champion 2017 and vice champion 2018, developed a ball-classifier with deep learning. Has worked at the DFKI, loves to solve riddles and play strategy games.

Ph.D. // AI Engineer


Technomathematician, PhD in climate research, passionate feminist. In her free time, she prefers to go bouldering and on vacation to the Alps on hut tours. Loves to learn new (programming) languages (currently German Sign Language) and to think about complex systems. Co-manager of a family of 4.

Ph.D. // Senior Data Scientist


Physicst with more than 10 years of experience in Data Science and Data Engineering. Experienced in implementing AI use cases and platforms from proof-of-concepts to production and organizational development. Likes vim, soldering keyboards and filter coffee.

Business Development Manager


Became an enthusiastic coach after 13 years of playing football. Already obtained the elite youth coaching licence at the age of 18 and worked at SV Werder Bremen as a youth coach in the academy. Studied sports management in Wismar and has been active in business development at SCOUTASTIC since 2020.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Graduated in Informatics with a focus on AI at the Uni Oldenburg. Currently interested in Computer Vision and NLP, and the combination of both. Likes good food, almost any coffee, music and gaming.

M.Sc. // AI Consultant & Data Protection Officer


PhD researcher in AI ethics with a heart for NLP and AI governance. Certified technoethicist who can be found hiking in nature on the weekends. Volunteers for an organization that pushes for more visibility for women in the AI industry. Loves exit games, gin tonic, and delicious food.

M.Sc. // Senior AI Engineer


NLP / NLU specialist, published a paper on EnsembleForest – a combination classifier for POS tagging back in 2017. Three times German Champion in Jumpstyle.

M.A. // Office Manager & Assistant to the Management


After studying German, culture and musicology, decided to turn her passion for organization and structure into a career. Likes to play the flute and takes singing lessons. Loves spending time with her family, reading and being in the mountains.

M.Sc. // Senior AI Engineer


Winner of the Bremen Big Data Challenge in 2018 and 2019, two times RoboCup World Champion, coded the first autonomous cooking robot and worked at the DFKI on ML for space robots. Always tries to solve impossible problems. Enjoys traveling and Bremen.

M.Sc. // Software Engineer


Master’s degree in geoinformatics at the WWU Münster. Developed an AI-controlled, autonomous lawn mowing robot for his master thesis. Likes to play badminton, loves traveling and concerts.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Graduated Computer Scientist with a focus on machine learning and genetic algorithms. Coached youth football teams for lots of years, obtained the UEFA A Level trainer license and trains other coaches. Likes coffee, sporting events and reading biographies.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Committed and innovative problem solver, wrote his Master’s thesis on UAV-based obstacle detection and localization for track intrusion detection in railways for the Euro Shift2Rail project, SMART2. Holds a Masters in Microelectronics with a focus on Computer Vision. Winner of the IoT challenge 2022 of Sustainable Communication Networks, University of Bremen. Likes to travel, loves nature and is a big Rugby and Football fan.

M.Sc. // Senior AI Engineer


Winner of the Bremen Big Data Challenge 2019. Works at JAAI since 2018. Computer vision specialist, wrote his award-winning master’s thesis on an object detection and distance estimation system for the Euro Shift2Rail project SMART. Holds a Masters in Microelectronics. Loves playing basketball and gaming.

Working Student


Physicist and Data Scientist with strong experience in statistics and AI model development. Particularly interested in the life science and energy industry. Passionate about winter sports, cycling and espresso.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


NLP & ASR enthusiast, interested in computational argumentation and applications of ML in sports. Winner of Bremen Big Data Challenge in 2020. Wrote his master’s thesis on ML for combat sports. Published and co-authored multiple papers for international conferences. Enjoys martial arts and recently discovered a love for surfing.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Three times RoboCup World Champion, two times cat dad, coffee addict. Wrote his master’s thesis about deep reinforcement learning in a dynamic goal-based environment. In love with music, Disneys ‘Lustiges Taschenbuch’ and using Vim.

M.Sc. // AI Solution Architect


Winner of the Oldenburg Data Challenge 2019, wrote his master’s thesis on e-mail intent classification and focuses on NLP. Interested in football, playing the piano and precision sports.

Junior Software Engineer


Computer science enthusiast with special interest in AI. While still a student in school, he already studies computer science. Discovered vulnerabilities in AT&T’s digital infrastructure. Enjoys algorithmic game theory, 3D printing and relaxes during cooking and in nature.

M.Sc. // Senior Software Engineer


Experienced Full-Stack Java Engineer with a Master in Intelligent Systems, focussing on cognitive robotics and machine learning. Has traveled six continents and was a guest speaker at his own graduation ceremony.

M.A. // Business Development Manager


Passionate footballer and active as a soccer coach for 20 years. Holder of an A-License (UEFA A-Level) and currently coach of a men’s fifth divison team.
Completed his Master in General Management & Sport Business at Sportbusiness Campus in 2019.

Data Annotation


After completing a bachelor’s degree in healthcare, completely changed direction and fulfilled a childhood dream. Supports the JAAI team with data annotation.

M.Sc. // Full Stack Engineer


Graduated in Mathematics with a focus on statistical analysis in finance. Wrote his master thesis on the application of gradient boosting to reduce the needed features in insurance models. He loves to solve riddles and cook, especially Asian food.



Studies Businness Informatics since 2020 at the University of Bremen and thereby developed a passion for AI. Besides he is interested in football, weight lifting and is always up for every kind of sport activity. Loves to cook healthy food.

B.Sc // AI Engineer


Fiercely motivated and creative problem solver with attention to detail. Won the Bremen Big Data Challenge 2021 during his Bachelor’s, using state of the art computer vision algorithms to detect and classify audio events. Believes that hard work, lifelong learning and never giving up are key to success.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Graduated with a Master’s degree in Computational Visualistics with a focus on medical image processing and applied robotics. Former member of the four-time world champion team “homer” in the domain of domestic robotics at the University of Koblenz, where he was responsible for the solutions for pose estimation, gesture recognition and clothing segmentation. Loves soccer, football, creative board games and hiking.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Worked on the classification of EEG data during his studies. Winner of the Bremen Big Data Challenge 2022. Interested in hardware, server technologies and deep learning. Likes gaming and good music.

Ph.D. // Data Scientist


Interdisciplinary Physicist, prefers simple solutions to complex problems. Discovered the beauty in the physics of living matter during his master’s thesis and doctorate after a classical start in semiconductor optics and an excursion into the development of magnetic sensors. Climbs, sails and cycles long distances, always on the hunt for third-wave coffee. Happy father and currently to be found on the green outskirts of the Ruhr area.

M.Sc. // Software Engineer


Has finished his studies in Systems Engineering with focus on AI since the end of 2022. Likes to work on challenging tasks and projects, does sports and loves playing all kind of games.

Working Student


Studying master of data engineering in Bremen and keen to explore further about AI and ML world. Experience in electrical substation automation. Smart home enthusiasm. Love puzzle games, board games and good music. Amazing Good food is essential!

Data Manager & Software Tester


Student for teaching history and geography. Until 4 years ago still actively played soccer himself and has been a soccer coach for 12 years. Holder of the B-License and current co-trainer in the Bremen Oberliga.

Working Student


Is currently writing his bachelor’s thesis and will begin his master’s degree in computer science in the summer of 2023. Is excited about the potential of data. Enjoys improving his cooking skills, doing sports, and relaxing by playing video games.



Ongoing master studies in Systems Engineering at the University of Bremen with a focus on AI. Is enthusiastic about challenges and the associated problem solving. Loves music, plays waterpolo, guitar and sometimes goes bouldering in the free time.

M.Sc. // AI Solution Architect


Master’s degree in Data Science. Was jointly responsible for the development of the Python package kgextension, which allows researchers to easily access the LOD Cloud. For his master’s thesis, he developed attacks to extract private information from NLP models. In his spare time, he can usually be found at the local makerspace, somewhere between the 3D printer and the soldering station.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Passionate computer scientist and three times RoboCup World Champion. Loves tormenting robots and making them perform impossible moves without problems. Is a micromanaging fanatic and looks for the causes and not the symptoms.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Systems engineer with a focus on AI and a particular interest in the interplay of AI with other components in complex systems. He enjoys being creative in craft activities with wood or metal, traveling and long walks or hiking in nature.

Ph.D. // Senior Data Scientist


Scientist who became a data scientist. Started in the pharmaceutical industry but over the years expanded interest in natural language processing and predictive maintenance. Enjoys it most when his models run stable in production and deliver business value. Linux, Python and cloud enthusiast.

M.Sc. // Full Stack Engineer


Full-Stack Web-Developer with a Master in Computer Science focusing on Combinatorial Optimization and Machine Learning. Likes traveling, whisky and rollercoasters.

Data Annotation


Supports the JAAI team with data annotation.

Working Student


Computer Science student, currently working towards her Bachelor thesis. Likes to be creative when baking and doing handicrafts.

Ph.D. // AI Engineer


Industrial mathematician, focused on inverse problems and partial differential equations during his PhD. Subsequently discovered his passion for machine learning and computer vision. Is a fan of Rust, likes to go running and brews his own kombucha.

M.Sc. // AI Engineer


Completed his computer science studies with a focus on genetic algorithms and distributed systems. He implemented a virtual assistant for an environment of distributed systems as his bachelor thesis. Enjoys board games and riddles. Likes to play soccer and darts.

AI Solution Architect


Master student of business informatics, several years of experience in software development. Passionate about social bots. Strong advocate of reasonable automations. Loves weight lifting and watches.

Office Manager


2022 high school graduate, with a focus on business. Student of Computer Science starting in summer 2022, majoring in Data Science. Develops smart home applications and engages in iOS development in his spare time.

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